What our Clients Say

Had been feeling fatigue and mild depression. Uplifted after my first therapy so I continued visiting HealSpa regularly. I can feel the fatigue and weariness gone. 

- Jasmine Lim, 28yrs

Having a desk-bound job and irregular working hours affected my health. Visiting HealSpa regularly has improved my blood circulation and health condition.

- Debbie Ting, 31yrs

All therapists are very good and caring. The only drawback is that the massage rooms are too cold. 

- HealSpa 1st-time Customer

Excellent massage and service rendered by staff including masseur and receptionist.

- HealSpa Regular Customer

Good service, comfort and care. Fantastic counter staff! 

- Joyce, 28yrs

Had been feeling strengthless for a long time. With 6 sessions of natural therapy, I am more energetic and refreshed. 

- Tin Tin, 54yrs

I woke up one day with frozen shoulders. It restricted me from my daily chores and I had difficulties lifting my arm. The therapist at HealSpa were experienced and helped my with the problem. 

- Yap, 55yrs
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