Having a Healspa membership means having easy access to massages.

Now you can enjoy less stress, more energy and improved wellness on your schedule. 
Best of all, the benefits of massages are cumulative. So the more you go, the healthier you feel.

Membership prices are available in-stores (5, 10, 15 and 20 sessions).

 Therapy  Guest Price
  Wellness Therapy    
  Shiatsu Massage (60min)    
  Swedish Massage (60min)     
  Five Element Healing (60min)     
  Aromatherapy (60min)    
  Lymphatic Detoxification (60min)    
  Hot Stone Therapy (60min)     
  Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage (30min)     
  Chair Massage (20min)    
 Foot Therapy 
(40min / 60min)    
  $32.10 / $42.80    
  Therapeutic Treatment    
  Meridian Guasha Treatment (15min)    
  TCM Cupping Therapy    
 “Yu Quan Guan” Cupping Treatment 
(Half / Full Body)     
  $55.64 / $101.65    
 Moxibustion Therapy 
(Half / Full Body) 
  $55.64 / $101.65    
  Neck and Shoulder Treatment (60min)     
  Head and Neck Meridian Therapy (60min)     
  Specialty Therapy    
  Breast Wellness Therapy (60min)    
  Post-Natal Massage (60min)     
  Revitalising Body Scrub (Full Body)    
  Facial Relaxation Therapy (30min)     
  Lymphatic Detoxification Facial Therapy (60min) 
  Ear Candle (30min)   $42.80
  Ear Moxibustion (30min)    
  Herbal Foot Bath (10min)    

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All prices are inclusive of 7% GST and are accurate as of 1 Feb 2018. 
For corporate privileges, please send your request to lynn@healspa.com.sg