Therapeutic and Specialty Therapy

Massage therapies have been passed down generation by generation. Apart from relaxation and comfort, massage therapies are used to restore health, enhance body flexibility, soothe muscles and joints pain and even to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

We need to understand the various points and pathways lying within the body that hold the key to health and vitality. Our therapeutic massages includes abdominal massage and foot reflexology that focuses on specific area.

 Use our “Signs and Symptoms Checker” to find out which therapy works best for your condition.

Foot Reflexology

$30 / $40 (40 min / 60 min) - $32.10 / $42.80 incl. GST

Traditional healing art by targeting reflex point on the sole, foot reflexology is good for stim.. Read More...

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Sports Massage

$73 (60 min) - $78.11 incl. GST

Reduces fatigue, alleviates discomfort, and prevents over extension of muscles... Read More...

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Neck and Shoulder Massage

$38 (30 min) - $40.66 incl. GST

Reduces stiffness of neck muscles caused by bad sleeping posture or long office hours. Shoulder .. Read More...

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Abdominal Care Therapy

$95 (60 min) - $101.65 incl. GST

Abdominal massage encourage the blood and lymphatic fluid circulation, enhances digestive system.. Read More...

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Corporate Chair Massage

$27 (20 min) - $28.89 incl. GST

Designed for working executives to fight work stress & tension... Read More...

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Ear Candle

$40 (30 min) - $42.80 incl. GST

Removes toxins to clear the mind & senses...

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Navel Candle + Massage

$52 (30 min) - $55.64 incl. GST

With deep abdominal massage to improve digestion & colon problems and reduces water retentio.. Read More...

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Jet Lag Therapy

$73 (60 min) - $78.11 incl. GST

Formulated for weary travelers to adjust to new environment... Read More...

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Groom-To-Be Therapy

$105 (90 min) - $112.35 incl. GST

Bundles with facial skin treatment and body therapy...

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Couple Massage

$106 (60 min) - $113.42 incl. GST

Applicable for Meridian, Shiatsu o Swedish Massage for 2pax... Read More...

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